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Things to try if Debug does not work in your Visual LANSA IDE

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:06 am
by HamadSheikh
Looking at the things that can potentially bypass debugging in an IDE session, I came across some interesting findings that I hope will help other Visual LANSA developers too. Lets start by a short introduction to how debug works in Visual LANSA.

When you start executing a component in your VL IDE for debug, you start a connection from the running component (that was compiled with the debug flag set) and your IDE, via LANSA programs called VLDBGSRV.EXE and VLDBGTP.EXE. You will see that the process VLDBGSRV.EXE running (use Windows Task Manager) whenever you start your VL IDE.

Debug communication is done via a port that is defined in your VL IDE. This is typically set to port 51234 and can be left as-is. The only time you need to change this port is if your corporate network dictates it e.g. corporate firewall rules or if you are using a shared VL development server i.e. multiple Visual LANSA developers use a common Windows Server for development. In that case, you need to assign a unique port for each developer session to keep debug from communicating with the wrong IDE session. I simply use ports 51234, 51235, 51236 etc. to keep things simple.

If you find that debug has suddenly stopped working (used to work before). First check to see what software was installed between the working and non-working state. One way to do that is by sorting the Windows "Programs and Features" list by date. Typically that will point to the culprit. Known programs that can cause debug to stop working are Anti-malware such as AdAware (Lavasoft), Anti Virus software such as Panda, Trend Micro. You can set exceptions in all of these programs to allow the required programs to be run and TCP/IP ports to be used.

Have you found any other programs out there that can cause debugging issues in the VL IDE?

Re: Things to try if Debug does not work in your Visual LANSA IDE

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:30 am
by atostaine
Hi Hamad: Since V14 has so many examples that I like to use, I'll normally open an IDE to my "DEV" partition, then another IDE to DEM.

When I try to debug, the 2nd IDE opened will go into debug mode, but it doesn't work because none of the components are there. It still takes me 2-3 minutes to realize I have to close the DEM IDE.


Re: Things to try if Debug does not work in your Visual LANSA IDE

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:13 am
by HamadSheikh
Hi Art, it looks like you need to have two VL installations on your machine, if you want to work in two partitions as the same time.