Application slowness over SMB 3 encryption

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Application slowness over SMB 3 encryption

Post by natlines » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:43 am

One of our clients running our LANSA application recently enabled SMB3 encryption on all of their servers. After this, it was noticed that there was a significant drop in performance, with our application running slowly, with large pauses seen in processing. When we turned off the encryption, the slowness stopped, and performance returned to normal.

The application setup is that the LANSA DLLs and data area files are hosted on an application server, and our clients launch our application through accessing these DLLs over a network share. It appears that there is some kind of intermittent lock on these files when the encryption is enabled, but this is not always detectable or reproducible. As the protocol is encrypting files as they are sent from the file server to the user's PC, we thought potentially the encryption could causes the DLL to be reloaded each time a screen is accessed?

Our client is keen to re-enable the encryption, and we need to determine a way to do so which does not impact performance.

From speaking to LANSA, they state that they do not have any reports of LANSA performance issues when using SMB 3, but also do not have any reports of any customers using SMB 3.

I was keen to know if anyone had any experiences with this problem or protocol, and could lend some insight.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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