Input filed IME control

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Input filed IME control

Post by MegumiSawada » Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:15 pm


Is it possible to control IME ON/OFF for input field?

I would like to know if we can control which keybord will be shown on LANSA Mobile.
(e.g. Numeric field---> Number keyboard, DBCS field ---> Japanese keyboard)

I appreciate your kind advice!

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Megumi Sawada

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Re: Input filed IME control

Post by dannyoorburg » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:21 am

Hi Megumi,

it should already bring up the numeric keyboard for numeric fields, if it doesn't on a particular device it's probably a bug.

But all alpha-numeric fields will be the same when it comes to bringing up the keyboard.

I'm not aware of any technique to instruct the browser to bring up a DBCS versus an SBCS keyboard (I guess that really means Japanese versus English), but if anyone knows how to do it, please post it, I'd like to learn.


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