VLF-ONE Execute Default Command when Adding To List

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VLF-ONE Execute Default Command when Adding To List

Post by jyoung » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:51 am

I am trying to execute the default command when adding an item to the list. (there is only one item)

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define field(#select) type(*BOOLEAN) default(False)

#select := True

#listManager.AddtoList visualid1(#visualId1) visualid2(#visualId2) nkey1(#item.OfficeNumber) nkey2(#item.ControlNumber) nkey4(#countryCode) nkey3(#item.JDENumber) akey1(#item.Department) acolumn1(#item.OfficeName) acolumn2(#item.OfficeStateCode) dcolumn1(#STD_DATEX.AsDisplayString( ISO )) relatedreference(#item) select(#select) setascurrent(#select) executedefaultcmd(#select)
The default command however does not get executed. The item is selected and current.
After the item is added I can get the current instance and execute the default command like

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Should the executedefaultcmd on the AddToList method do the same thing as avExecuteDefaultCommand on the instance?

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Re: VLF-ONE Execute Default Command when Adding To List

Post by MarkD » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:31 am

Yes it should.

This is fixed in the next version - http://docs.lansa.com/14/en/lansa048/in ... 8_8025.htm

BTW- The other way to execute the default command is to get the AddToList to return a reference to item it created back to you, then use #NewItem.ExecuteDefaulCommand.

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