Deliver To Frameworks and Groups

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Deliver To Frameworks and Groups

Post by jyoung » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:27 am

Related to viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1585 but I thought it warranted it own topic.

We use "Deliver To" to deploy object to our Production iSeries and it has been working out really well.

When using "Deliver To", will it also copy the Framework and Group for an object?

In an nutshell, I am trying to figure out a way to clean up the Frameworks and Groups in our Repository and what happens if a Framework or Group does not exist in our Production iSeries when a component is "Delivered To" it.

This doc ... 3_0145.htm states that
Deliver To copies system definitions and objects from a Visual LANSA system to the nominated Remote Deployment System, via a Remote System Monitor.
The "system definitions" makes me think it will copy the Framework and Group, but I've been burned by misunderstanding the docs before.

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Re: Deliver To Frameworks and Groups

Post by dianejoester » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:35 pm

Hi Joe,

"Deliver To" or "Check In" does not send any Framework or Group definitions to the remote system.
It also does not matter if the Framework/Group is present on the remote system, although you would normally have a standard set of Frameworks/Groups that you use for your software so they would be usually be present.

As an aside, when you say
We use "Deliver To" to deploy object to our Production iSeries
you mean you are delivering to a Build/Test system on your production IBM i machine rather than directly to the live system, correct?

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Re: Deliver To Frameworks and Groups

Post by jyoung » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:48 am

No, we use the "Deliver To" to deploy straight into the production "live" server.

Our dev server manages the repo and tasks, i'ts where we check out/in all the components.

Then we when are ready to deploy, we use that task to group objects in the VL IDE and use "Deliver To" to deploy to the production system.


Following up a bit, I understand the recommended way to move components from dev to production is via an export list.
Perhaps my understanding is wrong but creating an export list requires the following
  1. Create a Save File
  2. Create the Export List with Save File
  3. Export Objects to Export List
  4. Move Save File to other Server
  5. Import Export List into Partition
All of that verses "Right Click - Deliver To".

From some of the reactions I've got from some people when I told them this I assume that something horrible may potentially happen. I don't know what, as that has never been mentioned. If you know of something horrible that may happen, or if I am doing something that will cause impending doom, please share!

The reason I started using the "Deliver To" in the first place was at my previous employer we where using a VCS setup. At the time, I still don't know if another way is possible, the only way to get the components out of the VCS and into the iSeries was with the "Deliver To" option.

There has been some new advances using VCS and deploying to Windows, but nothing that I know of regarding deploying to the iSeries.
I mention that only because in the near future, we will be moving to a VCS setup and it would be awesome to have some tooling to handle deployments to the iSeries from VCS. Some other folks on the forums, myself included, have mentioned automated builds for use in CI/CD scenarios. That same tooling could help in those scenarios as well.

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