Upgrading VLF-WIN deployments to V14SP1

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Upgrading VLF-WIN deployments to V14SP1

Post by dhnaigles » Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:38 am

Does anyone have a good suggestion about upgrading our V14 VLF-WIN endusers to V14SP1 without using msi or msp packages. We do not use msi and msp packages and I am looking for a way to just deploy the new LANSA Execution Environment and the new VLF dlls to our endusers.

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Re: Upgrading VLF-WIN deployments to V14SP1

Post by HamadSheikh » Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:12 am

For automatic MSI delivery and installs you can use something like PDQ Deploy.

If you mustn't use an installer, then you can establish a "Master" install on a clean PC where you have your application installed using an MSI. Then write a simple script that will copy all updates from the master application folders onto the users PC's. This script can be run from the users shortcut i.e. when they launch their VL application. When launched it will compare against the master image for any updated objects and copy these across.

Note that you would have to re-register ActiveX controls (changes or new ones) within the script as needed. I will recommend looking up the WGET utility for this as it will make it significantly simpler to perform the date/time stamp checking to bring down updates only. I suspect there are other options available too. This is just one option you can use for VL-WIN applications.

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