VLF-ONE with VCS - Tracking Changes

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VLF-ONE with VCS - Tracking Changes

Post by jyoung » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:33 am

Every so often, I get back to thinking about how we can move off a Slave setup to a VCS setup, which always brings up questions. :D

One of the things that I have been experimenting with and trying to figure out is how to deal with deployments with a VCS and VLF-ONE.

Currently we have a Slave setup and use Task Tracking to track our work. We can easily see what we create or change by making the Task a "Favorite" For example, when we need to build a new Business Object in an Application, we create a Task for it, do our work, check-in, test and close the Task. From the closed Task, we can create an export list and savefile of JUST the new / updated components and use that save file to deploy the new Business Object to production.

With a VCS (git for example), I can't seem to find a way for me to keep track of just the new / updated work INSIDE the VL IDE. I could manually add those components to a list, but the chance of error is pretty high as I will inevitably forget to add the component. I've been experimenting with using DateModified in a Dynamic List and that works somewhat, but is less than ideal.

I would really like something to work like the Task, where it shows me what I've added or changed in a specific branch. That way, I can "Deliver To" just those things to the Server (which can create an Export List) and create the save file and deploy as we currently do. Anyone know how to do that?

Is anyone developing on VLF-ONE AND using VCS? How are you tracking what has been added / changed in the IDE so that you can deploy them instead of the ENTIRE app?

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