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Adding Columns dynamically to a grid

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:15 am
by RobboRobson
I've been tasked with creating a new reusable part to add to an existing option within our Frameworks, but I'm not sure on whether what is required is actually achievable.

The main component on this new reusable part will be a grid with each row representing a dwelling and the key information of that dwelling.

For each of the dwellings we want to have a column for each available attribute that can be applied to a dwelling (these are records held in another file) which we want to add dynamically to the grid if we can as the attributes over a period of time will change due to changes in legislation etc.

However after reading various entries in the Lansa documentation and google search results I'm happy you can add components dynamically such as push buttons etc. but I'm not convinced that I can do the same with adding columns to a grid this way.

So is it possible or is there a better way of achieving something that will work, I don't really want to add x number of hidden columns and make then visible as required as that will always hit a point where I run out of columns and I think rather an inefficient way to code.