Questions about Publish RESTful Web Services

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Rieko Saitoh
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Questions about Publish RESTful Web Services

Post by Rieko Saitoh » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:12 pm


Please tell me about Publish RESTful Web Services.

1.Can I debug server modules which REST API definition is set up?

2.Is there a manual on Publish RESTful Web Services?
I confirmed the following two. ... 2_0040.htm
Please tell me if you have a more detailed manual.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Rieko Saitoh
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Re: Questions about Publish RESTful Web Services

Post by jyoung » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:35 am

Docs are pretty lacking at the moment.

This topic may be of help some if you have not found it.

Regarding the debugging, you can debug, but not like you are probably used to.

I got this trick from Support while tying to debug my own services.
Part of the compilation process of a server module with an API definition is the creation of a "webmodules.conf" file in the Lansa Install /run/conf folder. That file is a simple JSON file that maps URLS to Server Module routines.

In that file you can set x_run args to enable debugging on at the module or routine level.

Code: Select all

  "-auto-alias": false,
   "default": {
    "language": "ENG",
    "partition": "SYS",
      "x_run_args": "DBHT=mycomputername:mydebugport"


Code: Select all

      "aliases": [
      "method": "Get",
      "module": "A009",
      "routine": "EchoParm",
      "partition": "dem",
      "x_run_args": "DBHT=mycomputername:mydebugport"
Hope this helps,

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