LongRange LANSA Tracing

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LongRange LANSA Tracing

Post by LANSAGuru » Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:27 am

This link shows how to turn on low level tracing in the LongRange LANSA product.

https://www.longrangemobile.com/docs/la ... theweb.htm

It instructs to modify the DC@LWEB data area directly.

Change dtaarea DC@LWEB
Position 885 -> ‘Y’
Position 886 -> ‘4’
Position 887 -> ‘999999’ - 6 long
WAM_LOG at pos 917 ---> set to DEBUG
WAM_DUMPXML at 927 ---> set to Y

Was trying to do this, but no tracing was produced.

1. This definitely worked in the past because I have seen this

2. Running LANSA V14SP2 on V5R3 using the Latest verison of LongRange from the app store. Installed all EPC's up to EPC142040.


Have you gotten this working in the field? Yes/No
What version of LANSA were you using? What EPC's do you have installed?

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