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Setting the temp path

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:33 am
by Echo
We are trying to set the temp path to be %localappdata%\appTempPath. We succeeded in doing this by setting the X_RUN arguments in the deployment tool to be TPTH=%localappdata%\appTempPath. We would like to do this programmatically though. I've tried setting TPTH to the desired path in avSetSessionValues and avSetBCSessionValues:

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Mthroutine Name(avSetSessionValues) Options(*Redefine)

Use Builtin(SET_SESSION_VALUE) With_Args('PPTH=' #uSystem.uUser.uTempDirectory)
Use Builtin(SET_SESSION_VALUE) With_Args('DPTH=' #uSystem.uUser.uTempDirectory)
Use Builtin(SET_SESSION_VALUE) With_Args('TPTH=' '%localappdata/SmartDistributorTemp')

But it turns out that TPTH is not a valid argument for SET_SESSION_VALUE. So, my question is, is it possible to set the TPTH value somewhere(ideally a BIF) other than X_RUN arguments in the deployment tool?

Thanks for any help.

Links to documentation I consulted before asking: ... depb3_9115 ... _value.htm ... l%7C_____3