LANSA Internal File Layouts CHM - Any Update to v14?

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LANSA Internal File Layouts CHM - Any Update to v14?

Post by Dimitris » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:52 pm


We are involved in documenting/code inspecting Banking applications to IRB\EBA standards and this has resulted in using meta-analysis in examining the code not just for LANSA applications but also for Plex, Java, .Net etc. Doing meta-analysis to applications that have many million lines of code is the only way to go.

With LANSA it was great to have the LANSA Internal File Layouts documentation as it enabled us to analyse using standard SQL queries the code repository up to v.13. As we are currently have come across to a v.14 web application we find that there are new additions to the documentations (as more features have been added) and this documentation is not available on line. For example the types of Visual LANSA Object Cross-Reference for this application include also types 29, 30, 31 and 32 (that are not documented) - the later's XCROQ1 refers to "LANSA JQMOBILE & XHTML".

It will be great if you can make this documentation available on line too, as it is bound to further assist and improve the quality of our work that aims to benefit the LANSA eco-system in the organisations that we assist.

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