VLF-One Get Custom Properties (RESOLVED)

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VLF-One Get Custom Properties (RESOLVED)

Post by mwilliams » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:52 am

I was wondering how I would get a custom property that I have set up in my framework at login time. Actually before I actually login. I have a custom login form and I need to get the property value after I authenticate my user id and password but before I actually login with my custom login handler.

I tried

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#Usystem.uFrameworkManager.avGetUserProperty Withname(FRAMEWORK_ENV) Requester(#Com_Owner) Alphavalue(#fEnv)
but I get a null reference.
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Re: VLF-One Get Custom Properties

Post by MarkD » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:12 am

You can't use custom properties until your chosen framework has been created on the client (i.e. downloaded from the server and instantiated).
That only happens after you choose a framework to use, and then successfully logon to it.

If you need to store and retrieve some information before logging on, an option would probably be to use the browser's local storage.
See https://docs.lansa.com/14/en/lansa016/p ... cation.htm property LocalStorage and https://docs.lansa.com/14/en/lansa016/p ... torage.htm

Remember to condition code with https://docs.lansa.com/14/en/lansa016/p ... ilable.htm

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