APIKEY GoogleMaps Accident Assesment Example Cannot read property 'opb' of undefined

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APIKEY GoogleMaps Accident Assesment Example Cannot read property 'opb' of undefined

Post by Dino » Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:34 am


When trying to add a location to an accident in the the Accident Assesmment Example provided, I am getting this error:
Screenshot_20200715-183113_LANSA Mobile.jpg
Screenshot_20200715-183121_LANSA Mobile.jpg
LANSA Runtime Error:

Cannot read property 'opb' of undefined
Reported By:

http://localhost:8080/lansa/lansa_15_0_ ... sa_ppnl.js, line 55:162

TypeError: Cannot read property 'opb' of undefined
at HTMLDivElement. (http://localhost:8080/lansa/lansa_15_0_ ... .js:55:162)

even when trying to run from the LANSA Mobile App.

I already set my google api key in Package Manager/Installed Packages/Tools/Configure/Providers API/Google API

As it is ignoring it, I already hardcoded the apikey in the program, assigning it to two lines there:
#Map.APIKey := 'AxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxY' in the Ptyroutine Name(SetMapAPIKey)
as well in the #COM_OWNER.APIKey := 'AxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxY' in the Evtroutine Handling(#GetAssessments.Completed)

I can see in the Google Cloud Platform, Dashboard that the number of requests is growing in the Maps JavaScript API, so, I am hitting it.
But errors still are 100% in the dashboard of google
please, What else is missing?

thank you

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