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VLF_ONE Question

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:51 pm
by mwilliams
I was wondering if there were any other ways to get information from a RP to RAMP other than using the clipboard or signaling an event? I ask because I have a RP sitting in a slider which is nothing more than a list. when I click an item, I am doing an AVSWITCH to a business abject that has a single command tied to ramp. I need to get information to ramp that is needed by the initial program that fires right after login. I don't think I can use either the clipboard or signaling an event because I can't verify that the vHandle_AVEVENT or vHandle_AVCLIPBOARDEVENT functions will fire and set a value needed by the initial program in time since they are async. If I am wrong, then please advise. What would be an easy solution is if I could tell a BO that has a filter and instance list to load in a slider instead of it's own frame or popup. That way ramp would have access to the instance list and then I could grab the info I need.

If anyone has some possible solutions I would be curious to hear.