VLWeb - XPRIM_HttpRequest - VPN Proxy Settings

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VLWeb - XPRIM_HttpRequest - VPN Proxy Settings

Post by mark.civ » Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:51 pm

I am looking to use XPRIM_HttpRequest from a server module (or reusable part behind it more likely) to make external calls. I am working on a VPN and currently all requests are being rejected on 407 proxy authentication. This issue also presents itself with all examples in the Package Manager too, with each of these being rejected. I have tried adding BasicAuthentication to the request, which is either not the correct thing, or I am not doing it fully/correctly.

Wondering if anyone is able to share knowledge/examples on configuring LANSA to work behind a proxy?

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Re: VLWeb - XPRIM_HttpRequest - VPN Proxy Settings

Post by BrendanB » Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:56 am

I think this is something that you have to get the network people to correct.

It is essential to remember that it is an 'unattended' server that is making the request, not a user, and so the proxy needs to be made transparent for that server (that is, not request authentication just for that server). This can usually be achieved by your network people.

If your network People are unable to provide you with a 'transparent proxy', you should be able to configure Credentials on Windows10 to automatically deal with the proxy:

Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager\Add a Generic Credential
(you can get there quicker by searching for 'Credential Manager' ).

This will ask you for the
Internet Name or Address === put the Proxy Address here ====
Username === put your Username here ===
Password === put your Password here ===

you may or may not need to reboot afterwards.

This will set an OS level authentication to the Proxy Server, and should allow your server module (or resusable part) to connect through the proxy.

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