VLF-One - Audit Logs for Users and Authorities

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VLF-One - Audit Logs for Users and Authorities

Post by nick.diama » Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:08 pm

We built a VLF-One Web solution which uses VLF-One Framework Users and Authorities and stores the users and authorities to lansa internal tables vfppf06 & vfppf07.

Our need is an audit log that can track and show the changes that are performed by the system administrators to the users (e.g. insert/update/delete) and their authorities inside the application (e.g assigned/de-assigned from a command or business object).

Since everything is encoded in vfppf06 & vfppf07 and since no log is kept anywhere when a change (insert update delete) occurs in these files, can you please give me some help on how I can produce/get an audit log for the VLF-One Users and their Authorities?

Is something already available in LANSA and VLF-One?

Thanks in advance for all the help and assistance.

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