Multiple form wrappers in same screen

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Multiple form wrappers in same screen

Post by wramirezch » Wed Jun 23, 2021 1:10 am

Hi, How can I call multiple form wrappers on a screen using VLF-ONE?

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Re: Multiple form wrappers in same screen

Post by Dino » Wed Jul 07, 2021 5:10 am

You can generate individual wrappers for each destination screen you want, then combine the code of those several form wrappers to get all the correct ID_IFLDxxxx and ID_TEXTxxxx and to make your complete screen that mixes it all.

Before to combine, you may want to change using a replace all, the fields identified as #ID_ something in the second screen to #ID2_ for example, and in the third screen #ID3_ , that makes it easier to combine them.

Then you want to have a way to know in the code, which destination you are right now, and that field is the #FormName that you receive in the uInitializeForForm routine.

Code: Select all

Mthroutine Name(uInitializeForForm) Options(*REDEFINE)
* This is called just the first time this form arrives
#COM_ANCESTOR.uInitializeForForm Formname(#FormName)
So if you have three different destinations, screen identified as FIRST, SECOND, THIRD respectively, you can know that in your code checking the value in the field #FormName

Then each ramp-ts script of those destinations can call the single wrapper where you consolidated it all.

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