Visual Lansa: Set Com(#model) Com_Fields(*ALL)?

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Visual Lansa: Set Com(#model) Com_Fields(*ALL)?

Post by pkoopmanpk » Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:25 am

I really love Qualified DataStructures in RPG ILE. So I'm searching for a way to create something similar in Lansa.

I can fill models in Web Api's with the instruction:

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Define_Com Class(#Com_Home.modelObject) Name(#model)

Set Com(#model) Com_Fields(*ALL)
I'd like to use this to fill my own 'Models' in Visual Lansa for Windows too. Has anyone found a trick to get this working.

Closest I can reach this, is:

Code: Select all

Define_Com Class(#PRIM_LCOL<#RPMODEL>) Name(#model_list)

Add_Entry To_List(#model_list)
Use Builtin(MESSAGE_BOX_SHOW) With_Args(*Default *Default *Default *Default #model_list.First.FIELD)
Where RPMODEL has a *FIELDLISTS in the Role definition.

Suggestions anyone?

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