VLF-ONE - signal processing by your IIP snap in

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VLF-ONE - signal processing by your IIP snap in

Post by MarkD » Thu May 18, 2017 8:59 am

If you have worked with the VLF you would probably know that both VLF-WIN and VLF-ONE support the concept of a snap-in IIP ........ a single instance reusable that has predefined methods that you can add custom logic to (eg: things that happen at framework start up or shutdown).

The VLF-ONE version has a redefinable signal intercept method named avHandleavSignal.
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Every time you issue a signal with the #Com_Owner.avSignalEvent method it passes through your IIP’s avHandleavSignal method.
This means it is easy for any command handler of filter to communicate with logic in you IIP.
Also, your IIP could append additional information or object references to the signal before it reaches its final destination.

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