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Field validation on VL Web client

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:40 pm
by Dominik
There was a new feature shipped with V14 SP2 which was not given much fanfare.... Repository field validation for VL Web applications. This allows you to check a field/fields against the field and file level rules defined at the repository level. Currently this feature is available for Prim_MD.EditField, and also PRIM_DLG (dialog) and PRIM_VIEW (view) controls, in the latter two cases it checks all fields that are contained on that control.

See the documentation below for more information on how to use the Validate method ... lidate.htm ... lidate.htm ... lidate.htm

The Validate method (in a Dialog) is also used by the template when you select Build a Mobile Web Application, Start with a Template (in the Details Dialog), and in VLF One when you use the SCRUD/CRUD wizard to create a business object (Validate is used with EditField).

This is a powerful new feature which allows you to use your repository rules with VL Web applications.