Upgrade VLF-WEB V.12.5 -> V14

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Upgrade VLF-WEB V.12.5 -> V14

Post by kno_dk » Wed May 04, 2016 5:43 pm


We have just upgraded a customers LANSA VLF-WEB solution from V12.5 -> V13 -> V14. After the upgrade the solution did not work any more. With help from Support in Sydney we checked these settings in the HTTP server: DefaultNetCCSID, DefaultFsCCSID and CGIConvMode and they where still the settings where the V12 worked okay.
We changed these settings so they where much more correct for our language. The setting was set to DefaultNetCCSID 1208, DefaultFsCCSID 277 and CGIConvMode %%BINARY/BINARY%% and we also changed the web server settings in the LANSA Web Administrator so they mached the Http server settings. And then the solution worked OKAY.

So if you have problems with a VLF-WEB solution after the upgrade check the Http settings, before doing any other error tracking.


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