EPC150050 for V15 released

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EPC150050 for V15 released

Post by admin » Wed Sep 14, 2022 12:55 am

EPC150050 for LANSA Version 15 is Generally Available for customers


Release notice and Upgrade instructions - https://lansa.com/support/notes/epc/epc150050.html

EPC150050 ships many fixes and enhancements for V15 across the LANSA product suite, including changes to the VL development environment, the LANSA runtime, updates to LANSA on Azure and AWS and deployment changes as well as improved Excel integration.

Note: EPC150040 is a prerequisite for EPC150050.

Major highlights include:
Enhancements to generated Web Page for routing template
Modernise images on Home page and Welcome page
Latest set of Material Design Font Icons incorporated into IDE and VL-Web Runtime.
Enhance the Go To feature to separate the different types of routines
Fragment string handler used by #PRIM_JSON.Reader for tokens longer than 64K
New method TokenAsBase64BinaryFile added to #PRIM_JSON.Reader
New features IsStringChunked and AsBase64BinaryFile added to #PRIM_JSON.Node
Web API formats 'Byte' (existing) and 'BytesAsObject' (new) support Base64 data for BLOB(s) in operation request and response payloads.
Improve UTF8 support in Deployment Tool
Support logical files in the New Server module / Application template
Support BitShiftLeft and BitShiftRight intrinsics
Upgrade jQuery UI to version 1.13.0
Upgrade to enable jQuery UI to work with jQuery 3.6.0.
Upgrade jQuery for LANSA:XHTML to version 3.6.0
Upgrade jQuery File Upload to version 10.32.0
Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.17.1
Upgrade json-js to version 2019-08-25
Upgrade big-js to version 6.1.1
Request to include LongRange license into AWS Scalable license
Add IASP details to LANSA About
All EPCs also ship all the latest fixes and changes shipped via hotfix and patch since the last EPC.
Refer to the Detailed Changes list in this document for details.

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