EPC142030 for V14 SP2 is available.

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EPC142030 for V14 SP2 is available.

Post by LANSASupport » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:28 am

This EPC is now available. EPC142010 is a pre-requisite and must be installed before applying this EPC.

Note: the latest version of the VLF, shipped in EPC142011, can be installed after EPC142030.

Main deliveries in EPC142030:
Material Design Controls have been added to Visual LANSA in EPC142030. Material Design Controls can be explored from the LANSA Editor Home page. This EPC also ships 4 new templates to help developers get started with building responsive Web Applications. These templates introduce the concept of Home/Dashboard and use the enhanced Theme capabilities of defining your own color palette. The EPC also ships various VCS fixes and enhancements for improved productivity, IDE performance and stability improvements as well as all patches and hotfixes shipped since EPC142010.

This EPC supersedes EPC142020, which included these changes:
EPC highlights are a change to Visual LANSA required for a Visual LANSA Framework (VLF) enhancement shipped in the upcoming VLF EPC142011 as well as all patches and hotfixes shipped since V14 SP2 EPC142010. This EPC also includes a new system variable *GUIDSEQUENTIAL that allows a sequential GUID to be generated and also the addition of a properties screen for Versions and Patches in the Deployment Tool.

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