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EPC142050 ships new LANSA development licensing

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 1:12 pm
by LANSASupport
EPC142050 for V14 SP2 is now GA.
Applying this EPC to a Visual LANSA V14 SP2 (EPC142040) environment will switch your mode of licensing from using 3rd party Sentinel softkey development licensing to LANSA's own proprietary development licensing.
Some important points about EPC142050
- Applying EPC142050 to a V14 SP2 Visual LANSA install will cause your current Sentinel development license to no longer work. An invalid license error will be issued when logging into Visual LANSA.
- A new equivalent replacement LANSA license will be required in order to log into Visual LANSA.
- LANSA has already produced the replacement licenses. If you have not been sent the replacement license already, you can request the replacement license from your local LANSA representative.
- It is important to have your replacement development license available before applying the EPC to avoid development disruption.
- Applying the new license is an easy process. Refer to this tip for details. ... oftLicCode select whether you are applying a local license (VLW) or a remote license server (VLN) and follow the steps to apply.