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IDE Enhancement - licensing

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:34 am
by LANSAGuru
Enhancement Request:

Create an option to allow someone to sign into the IDE and NOT to use a license.

Companies might have Business Analysts or QA people who do not code but do look at the code to do their jobs. The current licensing model ignores that these people might exist.

There ARE SOME WORKAROUNDS for individual users on their own machines (for instance making the license server indivisible to a machine) but in a shared development environment where all devs are on 1 machine, this does not work or I can't figure out a good workaround.

I am thinking when you start there could be a checkbox to say "do not use license" or something like that.

A bit of an annoyance and you are constantly having people drop out so you can get in a develop depending on typical start times.
Minor but annoying.

I also have a suggestion. Let's all read the enhancement requests and include 2 types of comments.

1. I have this same or very similar problem. Leave a comment so the devs can get an idea if this affect more than 1 person (it usually does).

2. Do I like the enhancement even if it currently does not effect me.


Simple voting system

yes this affects me +1 (reasons, if any)
no does not affect me but I like it +1 (reasons, if any)
no does not affect me but and I don't like me -1 (reasons, if any)
no does not affect me but I am nuetral +0 (reasons, if any)