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Override Enhancement on EditWord EditCode

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:51 am
by LANSAGuru
You can override a repository field in a lot of ways. One thing you can not do is use an Edit Word against a field if it already has and Edit Code. If you try to use override to assign an EditWord in a specific context for a field which already has and Edit Code assigned the editor tells you the following ...

Field XXXXXXXX has been assigned both an edit code of x and end Edit word of xxxxxxxxxx. The Edit Word will be ignored.

I would like to suggested the following enhancement. Allow the setting of an Edit Code of none in an override.

Override Field(#std_numl) Decimals(2) Edit_Code(None) Edit_Word('$ , , , , 0 -')

So I can override the Edit Code and use the Edit Word. The repository already implies this in the wording EditMask and includes the selection of possible values together.

Re: Override Enhancement on EditWord EditCode

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:55 pm
by dannyoorburg
Hi LANSA Guru,

just found this unanswered question that I happen to know an answer to...

You should be able to reset the edit code and then specify the edit word, as in :

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Override Field(#std_numl) Decimals(2) Edit_Code('') Edit_Word('''$ , , , , , , 0 -''')
Define Field(#xnuml) Decimals(2) Reffld(#std_num) Edit_Code(' ') Edit_Word('''$ , , , , , , 0 -''')