Text Search Enhancement

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Text Search Enhancement

Post by LANSAfolks » Tue Dec 28, 2021 7:59 am

I'd like to see a better "Text Search" implementation in the IDE, where one could search for multiple keywords. Currently only one search string is allowed.

e.g. we could search in Function/Forms/Reusable Parts for:
<Field Name> *AND <filename>
<Field Name> *OR <filename>
((<Field Name> *AND <filename>) *OR (<Filename>) *OR <keyword>))

Such a facility would allow developers to search their source code quite productively. I've also noticed that the IDE Text Search facility search is very slow, compared to a direct SQL SELECT statement over LX_FRD etc. Anything LANSA can do to speed that up would be very welcome too. e.g. if the user selected multiple object types (Files, Forms, Reusable Parts), then LANSA could use a separate CPU thread for searching on each object type i.e. one thread searches LX_FRD, another thread searched LX_F29/30 etc. That would retrieve results significantly faster.

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