Integrator SOAP Server

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Integrator SOAP Server

Post by kno_dk » Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:09 am


I have to duplicate a SOAP Server. There should be a section of tags - Articletmf that should be there one or more times in the Artictletmfs. I have created all the tags in SOAP server types in integrator studion. ArtictleTmf is created as an array of articleTmf.
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When Integrator creates the WSDL it name the artictleTmf array item. When I test the SOAPServer then Integrator expect that there is a level named <Item>. And in the server I have to duplicate there is no <item>.

Here is the part of the WSDL:

<complexType name="ArticleTmf">
<element name="articleIdErp" nillable="true" type="xsd:string"/>
<element name="articleIdSupplier" nillable="true" type="xsd:string"/>
<element name="guid" nillable="true" type="xsd:string"/>
<element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="0" name="type" nillable="true" type="xsd:int"/>
<element name="supplier" nillable="true" type="impl:Supplier"/>
<complexType name="ArrayOfArticleTmf">
<element maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="item" type="impl:ArticleTmf"/>
<complexType name="ArticleTmfs">
<element name="articleTmf" nillable="true" type="impl:ArrayOfArticleTmf"/>

Here is the xml Integrator creates if I use the SOAPAgent service from the WSDL I have created in the above SOAPServer project - See the level(tag) <item>
<articleIdErp>MAN W 719/5</articleIdErp>
<articleIdSupplier>W 719/5</articleIdSupplier>

How do I avoid that integrator SOAPServer creates the WSDL with this extra level <item>?


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