WEB and basic access authentication

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WEB and basic access authentication

Post by kno_dk » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:54 pm


We have an old LANSA for web online shop where the users should login to get access to the site. It is running on an IBM server with Apache http server and LANSA V12.

We have this in the http-server

PasswdFile qgpl/xxxusrlst
Require valid-user
AuthName "XXX - E-trade"
AuthType Basic

Now they want to get access to the web shop from another web application. In this new web application they want to store the user and password for the web shop, and then have a button which open the web-shop in a new tab without getting the login screen, but still login. In some browsers we can send userid/password in the url, like: user:password@xxx.com but not in all browsers. So I need another way to send the userid/password to the system. Any suggestions?


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