Lansa Integrator SMTP service on IBMi freezes

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Lansa Integrator SMTP service on IBMi freezes

Post by pkoopmanpk » Thu May 14, 2020 11:57 pm

We use Lansa Integrator on IBMi to sent emails via an Exchange server in the cloud.

This works very wel, but once or twice a month the function just freezes on the SEND command.

I put a trace on the email jobs. The last command in the trace is SEND, and then nothing.

I have to cancel the job *IMMED.

Is there a way to find out what is going wrong? For instance turning on a verbose logging option for the Java service?

René Houba
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Re: Lansa Integrator SMTP service on IBMi freezes

Post by René Houba » Tue May 19, 2020 3:19 am

Hi Peter,

Is this a production environment?

On the iSeries you have a sperate iSeries subsystem for Intergrator. When you start this subsystem you activa the Java Service Manager (STRJSM), Each JSM Instance has its own Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

The STRJSM command has a parameter called OPTION.
By default this parameter will be filled with *NONE I think, but you can change this to *VERBOSE.

After the change you need to restart the subsystem.
After your checks, please turn back to *NONE.

Another thing you can try (but this is something in the Java environment, so I don't know if you see any info that is usefull):
On the IFS, in the X_LANSA directory of your LANSA install you have file X_LANSA.PRO. You can add the values ITRO=Y and ITRL=4. This could result in useful tracefiles on the IFS as well.
Again: after your test, don't forget to remove the two values, these will slow down your programs!!!

Kind regards,
René Houba

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