VL WEB Designs of different layouts in IDE

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VL WEB Designs of different layouts in IDE

Post by kno_dk » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:58 am


I am changing a VL WEB application so it supports mobile and tablets. In this project I have to have 3 very different layouts of the top frame of the application. I find it very difficult to design it in the IDE. How do you design different layouts of the same VL WEB/RP?


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Re: VL WEB Designs of different layouts in IDE

Post by jyoung » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:49 am

What I find the be the easiest is to start with a known layout, such as desktop.

The root component or panel will have a layoutmanger associated with it, typically named something like LayoutManager1. I recommend changing this to something more meaningfull, such as "DesktopLayout".

Once you have your desktop layout in place, toggle the visibility of all the controls to hidden and make sure all the controls are hidden in the designer. Create your new layout (TabletLayout). Make sure the LayoutManager of the root or panel is set to your new Layout, then one by one toggle the visibility of the controls and move them to there new spot in the layout.

Once you get both layouts in place, you can toggle the layout manager to see the different layouts.

A couple notes:
  1. It appears that pre EPC142030 you could toggle visibility in the designer it looks like you can't do that anymore (at least I can't after the EPC install).
  2. One would think, that when designing a new layout, you would drag a control from the controls menu (as done originally), but this creates a NEW control (new name, etc). So you have to keep your original control, and move it to its new spot, which will create new LayoutItems.
Hope this helps.

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