Windows Deployment

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Windows Deployment

Post by lawingo » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:48 am

Anyone still deploy windows .dlls via a JIT update? Currently we give users local admin rights so that when they fire up the application X_Start checks the JIT server for any application packages. When we remove the local admin rights, X_Start prompts for an Administrative User/Password in order to download and install a package update. (We are moving away from users having local admin rights)

I have tried giving the installation directory full authority for the user but that hasn't worked. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated..

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Re: Windows Deployment

Post by dominique » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:16 pm

Hi Chad

I'm not sure how the Jit update works and how LANSA check the folder permissions. Does Jit update work if you set user write permissions by hand?

If so, you can modify write acces with MSI installation.
We solved a similar problem years ago. To update user clients (more than 400) we created an own updater function. This allows us to add Zipfiles with new dlls into a LANSA table as a blob. During the user login we check whether a new package is available and install (copy files) it. Therefore the user just needs write access to folders and not admin permissions.

We set the write access with MST. MST writes or adds properties in the MSI. Then you can install MSI with a cmd script (and admin rights):

Code: Select all

SET SourceDir=%~dp0
FOR /F "delims==., tokens=2,3" %%i IN ('WMIC OS get Version /value') DO @SET OSVersion=%%i.%%j
IF "%OSVersion:~0,1%"=="5" @SET OSArchitecture=32
IF NOT "%OSVersion:~0,1%"=="5" FOR /f "delims==,- tokens=2" %%i IN ('WMIC OS get OSArchitecture /value') DO @SET OSArchitecture=%%i

:: Install 
msiexec.exe /i "%SourceDir%KM3_CLT_v3.12.0_de-de.msi" TRANSFORMS=KM3T_TransformExample.mst
SET RESULT=%Errorlevel%

To configure the MST you need a tool for example instEd.

There are a lot of definitions to add to your MST. You can use and adjust my example MST. It should also work with your MSI (from a LANSA Deployment).
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Hope that helps you.


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Re: Windows Deployment

Post by lawingo » Sat Jun 12, 2021 12:24 am

Thanks - I'll look into this.

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