EPC142070 for V14 released in June, 2022

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EPC142070 for V14 released in June, 2022

Post by admin » Tue Jun 21, 2022 11:32 pm

EPC142070 for Visual LANSA V14 SP2 is now GA.

EPC142070 ships many fixes and enhancements for V14 SP2 across the LANSA product suite. For the full list of changes and installation details, see https://lansa.com/support/notes/epc/epc142070.html

Note: EPC142067 is a pre-requisite for EPC142070.*

Major highlights include:
  • Required updates to LANSA for Windows 11 support in V14 SP2 (0913011)
  • The addition of support of charts as native LANSA controls, allowing developers to drag and drop them from the Controls Tab and style and manipulate them at design time in the same was as other LANSA controls (0161554)
  • Support for new AWS market place offers (0163453)
  • This EPC also ships all the latest fixes and changes shipped via hotfix and patch since the last EPC.

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